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A practice administrator is responsible for overseeing the organizational needs of medical practice, such as setting up patient appointments, ordering supplies, supervising staff members, handling patient records, and ensuring that billing and accounting tasks are carried out in an efficient and accurate manner.

Practice administrator jobs typically report to a lead physician or owner of the facility, and are responsible for overseeing all administrative functions and non-medical staff.  A practice administrator in a smaller office or clinic including between one and three physicians may be responsible for performing some administrative work directly, such as retrieving and updating records or facilitating insurance paperwork, in addition to supervising several other staff members.  A practice administrator in a larger facility including several dozen doctors and nurses may be more focused on supervisory duties, delegating patient relations, billing, record-keeping, and supplies management to groups of dedicated staff members or to departmental supervisors.

A practice administrator position at a smaller office or clinic may require only a bachelor’s degree in a business or health care management-related discipline.  A similar position at a larger facility, such as a hospital, may require a master’s degree or other advanced degree in business management or health care management, as well as several years of experience managing smaller facilities or managing a department in a larger establishment.  Practice administrators almost always work in the facilities or offices they manage, where they can directly supervise other staff members and oversee the medical and administrative functions of the practice.

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