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Healthcare Consultant CareersWhat is a Healthcare Consultant?

Healthcare consultants solve the logistical problems of the healthcare industry.  They are management analysts and experts brought in my organizations to examine issues and offer solutions.  Healthcare Consultants evaluate the efficiency and structure of healthcare organizations.  

What is a Healthcare Consultant Responsible For? 

Healthcare Consultants help organizations address specific problems or issues.  They are generally involved in the following scenarios:

  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management and Operations
  • Human Resources and Benefits
  • IT Strategies
  • Marketing
  • Equipment Planning
  • Practice Management

A Healthcare Consultant researches the situation and accumulates relevant data. They may conduct employee interviews and review revenue reports and employment numbers.  After data analysis, they devise an improvement plan for efficient and effective change.  

Where Does a Healthcare Consultant Work? 

The highest geographic demand for Healthcare Consultants is in metropolitan areas in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions.  Larger, urban areas tend to have more opportunities available.

Healthcare Consultants work anywhere there are healthcare organizational problems to solve.  The highest numbers of healthcare consultants work for hospitals.  They also work in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Government agencies
  • Medical device companies
  • Insurances and payers

What Other Career Options Are Available to Healthcare Consultants?

A plethora of exciting options are available to Healthcare Consultants.  For most organizations, a full-time consultant is not required.  Generally, organizations bring in a Healthcare Consultant on a part-time or contract basis to resolve a specific problem or issue.  Larger organizations are more likely to engage full-time consultants.  Hundreds of options are available to Healthcare Consultants, such as the following.

  • Clinical Consultant
  • HR Business Partner
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Healthcare Economics Consultant
  • Clinical Reimbursement Consultant
  • Healthcare Analytics Consultant

What Degree is Required to Become a Healthcare Consultant? What Do They study? 

A career in healthcare consulting requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  A master’s degree is recommended for those seeking the highest paying jobs, although, the specific educational requirements depend on the needs of the employing organization.  Private industry shows a strong preference for Healthcare Consultants with master’s degrees.

Individuals interested in a healthcare consulting jobs choose majors with an emphasis on management, human resources, and economics.  Most individuals minor in some specialty of healthcare.  Common baccalaureate degrees for healthcare consultants include the following:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Human Resources

The best consultants are self-motivated and disciplined.  They demonstrate high levels of independence and are experts in their field.

How Much Money Does a Healthcare Consultant Earn? 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a median salary of approximately $81,000, with steady growth potential.   There is a significant potential for signing and performance bonuses.  Certified consultants have an increased earning potential.

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Staff Specialist in Older Person's Psychiatry (Permanent Part Time 0.8FTE role) HUNTER NEW ENGLAND LOCAL HEALTH DISTRICT New South Wales 09/21/2023
Medical Coding Auditors/Trainers -ONSITE Standard Technology, Inc. Quantico, Virginia 09/21/2023
Medical Coding Modernization Specialist (CDIS) Standard Technology, Inc. PORTSMOUTH, Virginia 09/21/2023
Medical Coders Standard Technology, Inc. Camp Pendleton, California 09/21/2023
Medical Provider Accounts Specialist Ultimate Staffing Glendale, California 09/21/2023
Global Senior Manager, Product Marketing Olympus Corporation of the Americas Westborough, Massachusetts 09/21/2023
Clinical Research Nurse Consultant University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine Chapel Hill, North Carolina 09/21/2023
Emerging Technologies Business Consultant, Human Health IT - Hybrid Merck West Point, Pennsylvania 09/21/2023
Emerging Technologies Business Consultant, Human Health IT - Hybrid Merck Rahway, New Jersey 09/21/2023
Emerging Technologies Business Consultant, Human Health IT - Hybrid Merck Washington DC, Dist. Columbia 09/21/2023
Emerging Technologies Business Consultant, Human Health IT - Hybrid Merck North Wales, Pennsylvania 09/21/2023
Ambulatory Assistant Program Coordinator- Oncology Infusion Center University of Virginia Virginia 09/21/2023
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